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                                                                                (To The Teacher) 

      At the prologue of the book ‘Education’ in Bengali by Sri Anirvan when he was known as Srimat Barada Brahmachari


To wordlessly offer up the self, this alone is the duty of the master. All agitation should be restrained from various directions of life, remaining unperturbed within the inner self external turbulences are about to be humbly experienced – this will be the meditation of the teacher day after day.

And the surrounding has to be made so candid and cordial that as the lotus-bud unfolds its sun-hued leaflets at the gentle caress of the beams of the dawn, in it too ecstatic foliages of fresh life may burst forth.

Great austerity is needed for it, which does not come about until inner concentration is achieved. To bear up relentlessly and that too with absolute rejoice, an exclusive perseverance in advance to all our days, gyrating in and around the cycle of various actions of mortal life – this is the sign of austerity. On one hand you should be performing your day to day worldly acts and on the other absorbed in profound discrimination – if it is not so, in which way you shall progress by your own and mobilize others as well, you will never even get a clue for.

And delight is necessary for that. O ignorant, by your mortal cravings and dejections alone will you ever be successful in that mission? By heavy strokes of your hand will you ever be able to forcefully yield a delicate flower? No, it is impossible. You alone have to bear up the burden of sorrow. With one hand holding your grief-stricken heart and wiping off tears from yours sorrowful eyes and with the other holding in heroic strength the flag of truth you’ll have to advance along.

If your mind is skeptical of the fact that in this life you have nothing to exercise and entertain – but only to perform the duty of self-offering, to help bloom this only bud of flower, with the grace from the creator’s treasure of light- this is the absolute deed in your life; then all your effort will be incoherent and hopeless.

Don’t look back at all. The wealth of delight that fills up your heart will never have an end if you can keep on offering yourself with an open mind. You have come into this sphere of dealing with purity, this is your sole confidence. In which ones of the little plates of mirror and in what possible ways the delight will ever refract why do you worry about that? That is very light, and if ever its purity gets distorted, yet the variety of colors will only manifest. This truth is your asset. March along o warrior!

You will not have to hold yourself back at anything or to see your own wishes and ideas alone as matters of greater importance. Perhaps where in your matured self is getting inspired by the power of resolution, there your immature self is still not getting able to measure out its own capacity. You will not be able to awaken its psyche by distantly assailing it with words but will have to descend into the midst of its action with quiet delicacy. This way by showering love, and giving out delight, thus reducing the burdens of all and if needed, freeing them from responsibility, the work is to be accomplished.


But all this is morality- merely the vest of truth. The main thing is joy. And if you lose yourself in morality you will eventually lose joy also. Then your work will turn out to be an anomaly and by no means will it be willing to progress.


So whatever you do be careful that it does not get stained- this is your only hardship. The good and theevil, the success and the failure all is there- just keep on looking at them as if they are merely the play of hues.

You have found the seed, now you have to flower it to the fullest with the light of your motherly love. Do you think that the teacher is only manlike? No, that is not. In love, affection, and in service he is equal to a compassionate mother. Missing their mothers who have come into the security of your lap you will have to fulfill their need of a mother. Don’t think that performing some duties alone you are showing your love to them. Love is greater than duty. Those who are sheltered are your own offspring, until this feeling extends to all your duty, remain humble, be not impudent on your competence.


Who loves, he knows how much the pain and suffering of love is. How would he ever spread himself out within his beloved is the sole obsession of his anxious mind. That obsession of his thought is as easy and restless for him as his breath. You may glorify your sympathy for the life of all, but true sympathy is not few self-secured vain lamentations but burning in the remorse of separation for eternity. By this sympathy you will have to understand how much God loves Jiva and by the glory of that divine love you will have to hand out the affection of your heart to everyone.

How your love would ever be expressed? By dint of your own valor it will be done. Love is not something like an illusion, it is an unhurt and absolutely pure rejoice of the heart. So that this rejoice can manifest itself in the simple and diligent activities of your day to day life you will have to work hard with earnest devotion. Who have come near to you, how weak are they, how dependent! This very dependence of the helpless is to be sustained with great care, and with forgiving and compassionate invocation of your love through all hardship and crisis of life. Is not it really a matter of gallantry for you?

Don’t think that by means of external coercion you will ever be able to resist or exert control over others’ instinctive stimulations. It can never be done. And an injustice will only bring forth another one. But if you are able to sprinkle over the rays of your love and affection you will notice that just as the beautiful Sunflowers do to the Sun all the souls of your young and little lads are facing up to you, and the unrest that couldn’t have otherwise been controlled by instructive commands simply vanishes away as it were a magic spell. In order that the infallibly thrilling energy of love can radiate among all hearts head-start your Tapasya to share hearty love and do believe in it.

Empower them who will be your help and assist you. Let them learn trust beforehand, and be bold in their practices. Afterwards impart the seeds of awareness into their souls; life will never go in vain.

You will have to understand at first how great is the burden of responsibility to put up with and what a capacity is required for it to conduct human life, to try out mainly of those whose growth is not complete as yet. It is not to train and to admonish at most but a right infusion of life, to invest them with the spirit of life! And this self-allowance is so quiet and speechless that who does receive knows not what they have achieved and also when. Despite that never expect that your hopes must fulfill; for whom you are dealing with how many things about their hearts will you ever be able to convey exactly? Your credit of mastery lies on how far you can go by your assumptions and conjectures alone!

First of all quietly get established in yourself then think of other matters. You are not simply a teacher, but a guiding father of so many souls and equally a caring mother! This great union, like that of Lord Shiva as Hara and his consort Goddess Gauri has found completion within you; if keeping up with this realization you can express your inner life along with the one of your worldly externality, then not merely a ordinary satisfaction but you will be able to relish within yourself a greater sense of accomplishment of the trials of life’s real essence.


O master, get the touch of the honeyed godhead who is one but many, get blessed with His nectarous touch in your life, be it dazzling in your sacred forehead like a luminous star and by the touch of that very fire thousands of souls be ignited alike!
It is a great duty ahead of you. Face it fearlessly bidding your heart. Are you afraid that your heart will be broken!? Let it be if needed, why worry, one day or other it has to be broken at last; how long will you be able to keep it alive by your loving effort? So I say, stand ahead at this very present without fear and with your heart filled with valorous courage. Don’t try to measure up how much you have contributed by your service and patience to the control and regulation of the order of life and worldly action – your achievement does not lie in that. Know it to be your only fulfillment that you are giving yourself out endlessly. Whoever will come into your contact will receive you inside as an absolutely precious gain however insignificant the amount of their gain may appear in their expressions outwardly. This is the real patriotism – by this very self-expansion this nation will rise again, by the electric spark of your heart this nation will glimmer!

O Master! You are calm and bright. Radiating with sparkling brightness how broad is your forehead and tender your eyes that by the touch of a divine sweetness they forgive all guilt that come into their vision; this is truly your inner image. Do you know that narrow is your path and dark is the night! O loner, for eternity who has been your only companion you are just set out to search again only for Him, and today from the midst your small lotus garden of your disciples do try to find Him out, this is your only duty. However if you are hurt, and if you are sorrowful, remind that your heart should only bless.
As if the endless cycle of day and night is the rosary of nature. You have to fill up every break of it with nectar. At your presence even a great pain should turn into a pleasant smile.

All light will be dazzling up in this nation – do you know at which new age’s threshold? But O light, you have to kindle up here and now the flame of the imminent festive day in the lamps of the unornamented corners of your house. What could be greater than an aspiration like this for you? Do not desire for fame and populatity like those who have been purchased at low rates, your real treasures are kept hidden in the rubbish of your solitude and unpopularity. The price of your accomplishment of the impossible will be, and is being paid by your inner deity by your own rejoice and satisfaction. Just open up towards His bliss and remain facing upward for his divine smile. One day His response will indeed spread out to your whole body by a gradually thrilling sacred rapture.

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-Je Raate Mor Duaar Guli
This song gives the extraordinary feeling of the capacity of Sri Anirvan to arrive at the very moment of emergency when he was needed. How he just appeared there, was a miracle.

That night when my doors were smashed by the storm, I did not know it was you who had entered my house. All around everything went black, the wick of the lamp was extinguished.
I stretched out my arms to reach the sky, towards hope..
I did not know it was you who had entered my house,
That night when my doors were smashed by the storm.
I lay there sobbing, thinking it all a dream,
How could I know that the storm was a pennant of your triumph?
Morning dawned, and I beheld you,
A fountain of tears, you, yourself.
The whole house, save for ourselves, was and had been empty.
I did not know it was you who had entered my house,
That night when my doors were smashed by the storm.



Sung by Srikant Acharya, intro by Soumitra Chatterjee

Sung by the famous singer Pankaj Mullick of the 1940s.
Art thou abroad on this stormy night
On thy journey of love, my friend?
The sky groans like one in despair.
I have no sleep tonight.
Ever and again I open my door and look out on the darkness, my friend!
I can see nothing before me.
I wonder where lies thy path!
By what dim shore of the ink-black river,
By what far edge of the frowning forest,
Through what mazy depth of gloom art thou threading thy course to come to me, my friend?



Sraboni Sen - Tai Tomar Anondo Amar Por -

INDRANI SEN - Je Raate Mor Duar Guli -






Please click on the appropriate links -

Please sample and view the first15 pages -blank or printed-of the book by clicking on the arrow on the side of the book image -VIEW ON fULLsCREEN


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1.GITANUVACHAN translated into english by SMT KALYANI BOSE


translated into english by SMT KALYANI BOSE

3.MANDUKYA UPANISHAD English Translation






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Right now busy in addressing J Krishnamurti's followers in India and abroad.Struggling to finish book on Adwait,Raman,Nisargadatt Maharaj,Jk


, aju mukhopadhyay

- "I am thinking how so to fix the attention so it can be unwavering- never turns aside- Oh! What great a job-"

My interest in Sri Anirvan continues with greater intensity these days. I have read almost all the valuable translations of his writings appearing in the blogs.

Unfortunately I do not know any Bengali although ambitiously I got many of his writings from the Dharampal's when I met them some years ago.


request: it seems Sri Aniravan used to give regular talks on Sri Aurobindo's Savitri in the Pathmandir. It would be a great service if someone could translate these talks since Anirvan's insight would help clarify many aspects of Savitri.

Thanks again and best regards



Sharat Kumar Bhushan Di' I do not know why these lines by Hammarskjold are coming to my mind after reading your comment.

"Night!The road stretches ahead.Behind me it winds up in curves towards the house,a gleam in the darkness under the dense trees of the park.I know that,shrouded in the dark out there,people are moving,that all around me,hidden by the night,life is a quiver.I know that something is waiting for me in the house.Out of the darkness of the park comes the call of solitary bird:and I go-up there


subhashish borah

- We should be proud of what we are, and we should not be dejected at what we are not as we desire. We should be proud of what we are not that we didn't wish for.

But the horror is that we are starting to be proud of what we are not that we desire to be!

The philosophy is that if you are X, be proud of being X, and don't be dejected because you are not the most fortunate one of the world you may have a dormant desire to be so. And be proud for you are not the most unfortunate person in the world and you didn't, don't and will never desire to be so.

But don't be proud of your vain self-images, just be proud of what you are and realize it with optimum firmness. There is a difference between "Will" and "hope". Suppose you want to be something or somebody in this life time. You cannot become that, if you are not at this very moment not that something or somebody you want to realize.This should be dormant within you waiting just for expression or manifestation. When proper time, environment and other supportive factors will be available to you, and if you have the necessary will to be so, you will one day appear as such.

Let's be our realities, not our imaginations! Let's be free from our inner insecurities! And here I intentionally use the word to be 'proud' in place of simply to 'accept' oneself, because the fact of 'Will' cannot properly manifest through a meek humbleness or moral humility.."


Gurucharan Ojha

- Accept my hearty greet "Jayaguru". I am from Odisha, Devotee of Swami Nigamananda Saraswati. I read little more before Swami Nirbana nanda Saraswati "Anirbana".

I just need to know about his life details.....


subhashish borah - "It is the "sense of wonder" that as 21st century's "homo-fabers" or "homo-technicus" evolving(I doubt!?) far out of our real natures of "homo-sapience" we have lost and we have forgotten to be astonished at things beautiful and as well as horrific!! We have been oblivious of feeling strange at anything...

This sense of wonder I believe is the real essnce of all creativity not only poetry or other art forms but science, mathematics , physics, chemistry, biology etc everything...

It impels us to discover things"


Anirban NAMASTE,

"To all the members in this GROUP"

It's really a pleasure and an honour for me to be a part of this group.




OH LORD, I think I am pretty LOUD and CLEAR.

ANIRBAN-AKASH - Is it a confirmation that our desires/DESIRE are(IS) fulfilled?

For though our desires may yet be fulfilled in this very human birth, do we really crave for our DESIRE to be satiated? If so, how do we enjoy THE ETERNAL LILA?

May we be firmly grounded whilst we touch THE AKASH (The SKY).

Best regards,



Kalyani Bose Dear Anirban,

I was not being able to come to the site for a very long time. Just today I opened it up to see your page and am inpressed. Are you or do you know Bengali? Of course you are because you have read His books. Your question about enjoying the ETERNAL LILA has evoked in my mind an expression form Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu. The Eternal Lila is like 'Tapta Ikshu Charvan' - Again 'Mukh Jwale NA JAi Tyajan-

Prosanti O prasannataye Ujjal Theko.

May the Grace of Sri Anirvan bring in us the Yuganaddha Dyavaprithivi.


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